About Darleen Miller, and One Heartbeat Worldwide Community

In what seems like a lifetime ago, Darleen Miller became an ongoing student of life.  Growing up, she lived with three generations in a small home in Washington, D.C.  With much love, they survived together in a very unsettled world energy of World War II.  At that time, care taking of parents and grandparents, became second nature to Darleen.

As an energy outlet, she became fascinated with the world of sports, including softball, tennis, basketball and even  football.  As an only child, these created a physical balance in her restricted daily routine.  Sundays were set aside for religious family activities.  These created a strong spiritual foundation, which emphasized her connection to God.

As a teacher, student, wife and mother, her caregiving focus put the needs of others before her own.  After the demise of her grandparents, parents and husband, Darleen strongly felt the need to create a community of caregivers.  Through her years of on-going training in healing and energy work, she was inspired to share her life experiences.  She was devoted to create a teaching environment for all caregivers and to write a book entitled, "Yes! It Really IS All About Me."  This, she believed, would support good health of the mind, body and spirit, for all peoples.

Come together in mindful awareness through her website of www.oneheartbeatworldwidecommunity.com.



A dedicated, holistic teacher of children and adults, Darleen was also a military wife of 20 years, caring for her husband and family in times of crisis, economic downturn, and personal losses. With three ambitious, gifted and talented children, there was little time to “stop and smell the roses”. Her holistic training gave Darleen a solid foundation of living one day at a time and knowing the dawn of her ambition would be near. She never gave up hope.


Darleen decided that this is her time to shine. Her holistic training and the ability to energetically heal others is her passion, with her heart’s desire connected to her teaching and giving others the opportunity to know the self.

Darleen’s Philosophy

Darleen’s heart path has always been focused on guiding individuals and groups to start the journey toward understanding and knowingness about the age-old questions – Who am I? and Why am I here? Ultimately, there is no energetic separation of the spirit, mind and body. We all have a divine relationship with the self.

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A shift in personal and global consciousness is changing our lives at an alarming rate

It is time to decide how we want to evolve in the days, weeks and even years ahead

Join the One Heartbeat community and awaken to the heartbeats of the world.  We are creating communities of like minds in support of raising the conscious awareness with global energies.  Fostering unconditional love for all by renewing hope and inspiration, One Heartbeat WWC is here to build bridges of light, connecting all spiritual beacons of the heart.

Become a bridge to a Higher Reality.

  • Making choices for a peaceful life
  • Understanding a shift in energy in this Age of Light
  • Creating topics of discussion as we learn and grow
  • Discussing how to live IN THIS MOMENT in time
  • Awareness and techniques to release fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and worry
  • Recognize the importance of gratitude and joy
  • Uniting the energy of our hearts and minds to create a higher vibration in the ongoing journey of a lifetime answering questions of Who Am I? Why Am I here?

One Heartbeat WWC will help you realize that the heartbeat of life goes on and on.....