Now Is Your Hour


So often in life, and I include myself, we 'put off till tomorrow what we can do today.'

Schedules are jammed packed with the 'HAVE TO' events and activities that often keep us running in the ever widening circles during our waking hours.  We toss and turn at night and we forget how to nurture and let go of the non stop chatter.  In some philosophies, we know it as " The Monkey Mind"

We reject the moments of quiet peaceful choices that we ABSOLUTELY know  would create better health for our minds and our bodies.  Somehow, we feel pressed to keep going on the treadmill of life.  And the phrase, " I don't have time' becomes the mantra of our lives.   We ignore the subtle clues of our heart's desire.  "Tomorrow,"we say. Tomorrow I'll eat healthier; "tomorrow , I'll exercise". "Tomorrow I'll make time to relax and learn how to meditate. Right now, I'm just too busy!"

Time and time again, we hear how life is accelerating.  The days fade into weeks; the weeks into months which then stack up to the passing years.  But the list of 'someday' promises continues to widen and lengthen 

When we worry and hurry through the day, we miss the unopened gift of life.

But, Now is Your Hour to create a new you in this new year. 

As you answer the following questions, know and appreciate that each one of us is 'special' with our own unique gifts and talents. 

When is the last time you smiled as you felt the rays of the sun warm your face?

Where were you when you listened to the music that put a smile on your lips?

Have you recently been aware of your feet touching the sacred ground of Mother Earth?

Can you recall the gentle fragrance of your favorite flower?

When was the last time you breathed in love as you viewed the radiance of a sunset?

Take time for you every day.  NOW IS YOUR HOUR.  How will you use it?

In the still small quiet moments of life, you can absolutely KNOW that YOU are the Radiance you wish to Find in the World.  So, Sing the song your heart was meant to sing......Now Is Your Hour.





Our future is always uncertain.  As a teacher, our students come and go and as the years move along we lose personal contact. However, sometimes in the course of human events, we are given a rare opportunity to connect with faces from the past. About 20 years ago, I was given a rare invitation to teach T'ai Chi at a courthouse near my home.  It was arranged to offer those court stenographers and legal assistants a way to release stress from their demanding jobs. It was a fun experience for all concerned.

After completing the course, I remember one student who had a miraculous shift in her awareness and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was destined to explore other avenues of employment on her journey in life. She had re-discovered her intuitive gift but had no clue how to nurture that energy for her future choices.   We had many hours of discussion and a selection of additional classes that opened  her eyes to new energies.  She was able to believe in the messages of her heart's desire.

Through no fault of our own, we lost touch with one another.  After many years, a Christmas card arrived a few months ago celebrating the season and the year of awakenings for her.  She announced she had purchased the oldest metaphysical bookstore in the U.S., and it was located 30 minutes from my home.

As I continued to read, my excitement soared as she extended an invitation to me for a book signing and an opportunity to be an ongoing teacher of  subjects such as Meditation, Energy Awareness, Breathing techniques, Nutrition, T'ai Chi, Ayurveda, and an extensive course in health and self healing.  As a side-bar, there will be opportunities for workshops and retreats for in-depth  practices with personal connections with students searching for a new path of good health and self-empowerment.

WOW!!!  As I sat quietly in a chair soaking in the enormity of possibilities ahead, a tearful joy washed over my heart, my mind and my soul.  That first class, that T'ai Chi class was the doorway for one person to achieve her long awaited dream. Humbly, there was a realization and a blessing that we all  play a role in someone achieving  a shift in consciousness and choices. a clear light was shed, as time passes, the student becomes the teacher. 

Make no mistake, the heartbeat of life really is alive and well.  Ultimately, we all impact one another in the evolution of  our lives; sometimes it's just nice to recognize it.

so I ask all to sit quietly and ask yourself, who in my life has been an influence  in the choices I am  making today?  Sometimes the answers may surprise you.  

Be the joy you wish to find in the world......

with love,

Darleen Miller

STOP The World!



Anyone concerned about the doom and gloom projected by the news media?  We read about cultural annihilation,  wide spread disease and famine, terrorist tactics and climate extremes.  We feel helpless and afraid when we think about the safety of the peoples in the perceived chaotic world.  Even the younger generation is asking if there will be enough time to fulfill their service to the world.  We are at the mercy of our fears as we drown in the pollution of our minds.


With the evolution of energy awareness throughout the centuries, we can now make serious choices to shift our individual empowerment .

. Conscious awareness could raise the collective consciousness of the world.  It is time to link our energy arms for the purpose of unity and raising the global energy of the planet.


And so today, I am taking action to launch the ONE HEARTBEAT WORLD WIDE COMMUNITY.  The purpose, you ask?  It is to bring the people of the world together creating hope and inspiration right here, right now for the this moment in time and for future generations to know the power of the healing light force.


As you join this dynamic community, you will combine  our light energy through discussions, useful tools to connect inward and outward energy , and the instruction to enhance  your understanding of the ONE HEARTBEAT message.  We will be able to make a difference one heartbeat at a time; one thought at a time and one soul at a time.


Let’s put the focus where it needs to be---TO CREATE a united civilization for the good of all concerned.  These will be stepping stones toward balance, peace and harmony.


We are all reflections of one another.  Everything in our future depends on the choices we make today.  You have everything to gain by joining the community and knowing all things are possible.  No need to Stop the World……

Go to www. One Heartbeat World Wide Community .com to gain more insights.

If you have questions contact me at my new email address at:


Do You Smell What I Smell?

Come on a journey with me to 1997 as my friend and Insights Energy partner, Loni, journeyed on a rode trip from Colorado to Big Sky, Montana.  We were headed to a 5 day workshop featuring Caroline Myss and Dr Norman Shealy, two of our favorite instructors in Holistic Health.


We spent numerous hours conversing about the upcoming birth of Loni's baby and the evolving business plans for our healing sessions with clients as well as classes and workshops to promote an individual and collective conscious awareness of energy for healing.


The workshop was stimulating informative and inspirational.  On one particular afternoons, everyone had free time to explore the area.  Our choice was Yellowstone National Park. With a makeshift picnic in the back of the car, we headed on another rode trip adventure.

Mother Nature was particularly accommodating this day because we witnessed Old Faithful and her timely eruption that was awesome.  We ambled around the dynamic heated blue green waters beneath the Earth's surface and the amazing Buffalo Herd escorting alongside  our car for miles through the slow driving roadways.  Magnificent was the only word for the day's experience.


We wearily reached our hotel near 10:00 P.M. As we recognized the need for rest, we fell into a deep sleep.


I was abruptly awakened to the question, "Do you smell that?"  Sitting up in bed, the powerful fragrance of roses filled the room and we suspected someone had dumped perfume somewhere in the hotel.  Neither of us had an answer to the question we asked of each other, "Where is it coming from?"


We searched every dresser drawer, under the beds, every inch of our suitcases as we over-turned them on the floor creating what looked like a bomb explosion.  But we found no source as the powerful fragrance lingered .

I remember saying--"Let me check the bathroom!"  As I stood motionless sniffing the air, I exclaimed--"It's NOT in here!"

Suddenly a whoosh of the rose scent bombarded the room.  "Wait! It's here now." stammering loudly.


We sat on our beds talking until the wee hours of the morning crossing every t and dotting every I of the experience but we had Nothing that was rational about the happening.


Sleepily we wandered down to breakfast to inquire from others if they had encountered the smell of roses.  No one had an explanation surrounding our  amazing incident .  


Dr Shealy wandered into the dining hall and  graciously listened  to my story.  He stared  at me for what seemed like an eternity but with a smile on his lips he proclaimed something I had never expected, " Your work together, he said, has been blessed with the grace of the Divine Mother."  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.So many emotions filled my entire being and my heart raced with excitement.  The whys and wherefores didn't seem important, now.  No further explanation was needed. It was time to just let the energy soak into every cell of our bodies. 


 The conversation homeward bound was joyfully reflective as we felt we had been recipients of a miraculous blessing. There was a new meaning to the word-'AWESOME.'   To this day, we carry those graceful, fragrant rose filled moments in a sacred space of the heart.     And...... we smile.

A Moment in Time

Seated in a small Paris church, people were praying for the deliverance of the miseries and destruction in France. As I took my place in the church, I noticed a young woman seated close to the altar. She seemed to be communicating with someone but there was no one near her except the Divine Mother standing on the alter. Feeling intrigued, I inconspicuously moved closer to witness the conversation.

The statue of Mary shone like a million suns in the sky. Streams of light were streaming from Mary's outstretched hands and she appeared to be standing on a huge globe. Without too much strain, I was able to hear the delicate conversation. Then in a clear voice, Mary instructed--"Have a medal struck for people to have hope in these perilous times." With gentle determination, Mary declared; "All who wear the medal around their necks will receive many graces and healing. When you reverse the medal, you will notice a large 'M' and a cross. Beneath the 'M' there will be 2 hearts---one representing Jesus with a crown of thorns and the other representing my heart that will be pierced with a sword. Encircling this image will be 12 stars. This medal will forever more be known as the MIRACULOUS MEDAL.

Suddenly, the images began to fade and the air began to gently move. The beautiful Lady and the young woman became transparent in a mist of pale blue light. I felt the salty tears gently running down my cheeks as I realized I had witnessed a miraculous moment from God. I began calling out in despair for the images to return---there were so many questions, unanswered questions. My energy began to spin in my head and in my body like I had been caught up in a cyclone of confusion. I realized the images had been replaced by a canvas of vibrant colors but I kept calling out the command, "Come Back! Come Back!" The more I frantically screamed, the further I drifted from that moment in the little chapel in Paris.

And then............with a eyes opened and I felt paralyzed as I tried to make sense out of this message of hope and healing in a Miraculous Moment in Time.

Information about Sister Catherine's Apparition of Mary in Paris

There have been many books published about St Catherine's Miraculous Medal apparition. This is a thumbnail sketch that can be found in many writings.

On November 27, 1830, the Divine Mother Mary appeared to Sister Catherine Laboure in a small church in Paris, France.

Mary asked Catherine to create a medal for the believers of the world. As the story goes, the medal was completed in 1832 and was distributed throughout France. It eventually traveled throughout the world. Many testimonies are recorded surrounding the blessings people received while wearing the medal.

In this moment in time, for me as a messenger and teacher on the planet, the medallion is a symbol of Divine Creation and is the Mother-Heart-Spirit of the World. (The energy of the heart is seen and felt in the nurturing feminine nature of mankind.)

Do you have impressions of the story of the Miracle Medallion? If so, please share them in your comments.

The Story You Are About to Read is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

The event in the story you are about to read is ABSOLUTELY TRUE... Nothing has been changed to protect the innocent.....   METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING........

After writing the Self Help book, Yes! It Really IS All About Me, I decided it was important to set up my own  daily regimen of Meditation, Deep Breathing Exercises, Visualization, and a 30-minute walk to enjoy the natural beauty of the land.  In addition, it was vital that appointments for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and reflexology sessions be added to the monthly routine to increase the heart light energy.

Last week, my hour-long reflexology appointment was scheduled. For one hour, my conscious mind drifts to a world where the only sounds I hear are the ones of my heart.  The deep relaxation always takes me to another world.

As I slipped into La La Land, every tense and stressful thought melted into bliss.  What a treat for my mind, body and spirit!  I had been procrastinating about making business decisions involving classes and the writing of a new book, and it was peaceful to just let go.

Time passed, I suppose, and then without warning, I began to uncontrollably laugh out loud.  Tears began to stream down my cheeks.  The stunned therapist abruptly stopped massaging the feet reflex points and loudly asked, "DARLEEN ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?  WHAT'S WRONG?  Are you crying or laughing?"



Gathering my wits I said, " You're NOT gonna believe what I have to tell you!"



This was a very clear vision unlike any other vision I have ever experienced.  I saw a large cow sitting on the seat of a large toilet reading a newspaper.  There were herds of other cows wandering across the grassy plains toward the paper-reading cow.  I even saw the message in words that were appearing in the vision. This was one giant message of releasing and stopping my procrastination that had been  lingering around my future plans.'


The words appearing above the speaking cows were------

"Mooove It!"  "Moove It!" Mooove It"!   And that applied to the seated cow reading the newspaper-----MOOOOOVE IT!!!!

Now!  Isn't that UTTERLY RIDICULOUS.....?

Loving Kindness

At this special season of the year, we are given the opportunity to reflect on the symbols of Christmas and the connections that illumine the soul.  It is a time of giving birth to ideas and to live in the inspirational lyrics of the music, the colorful pageantry of the Christmas classics, the parties and the busy shoppers selecting just the right gift for family and friends. It is the wide-eyed expressions of every child as they dream of sugar plums, candy canes and lights on the tree.

Growing up, church was the focus of my family at Christmas.  Somewhere in the services, the song Ave Maria would be sung and it mesmerized every fiber of my heart and soul. The music created a light-filled presence as though I were giving birth to ideas that I never really understood.  My visions were a powerful kaleidoscope of pictures, geometric shapes and color. Ave Maria!  I could not help but question the meaningfulness of the emotions and the creative initiative in my mind and my heart.

[Listen to Ave Maria here.]

On February the 14th of 2013, I was gifted with the Miraculous Medal of Mother Mary.  I knew there was a message for me but it eluded me at that time because it was the day I AM THE MIRACLE CD was delivered to my door.  If you believe in No Coincidences you can fill in the blank to the rest of the story.......


My name is often called in the darkened hours of the night by a female voice and so I realize at this Christmas celebration, it is time for me to WAKE UP and smell the fragrance of the rose.

I now know the music of Ave Maria connected me to the source, the heart and the light of God.

Mary's essence is connected to mankind as the ultimate compassionate caregiver and the supreme nurturer. She represents the feminine, creative source of light that abides in all of us. The energy and symbol of Mother Mary awakens the loving kindness in our hearts.

As the pure loving kindness Mother Mary lives in the heart, we can interpret the energy of giving birth from the spark of love and creativity. She is ageless, timeless and touches the Sacred Miracle we know as Christmas.

It is with great humility and love that I send this message:

"Each day of your life, feel the grace and blessing of the Divine Feminine essence of Mother Mary. She awaits our grand awakening to the warmth and creativity of the heart."

My question now for you is ... what holiday song stirs an emotion in you? Let me know in the comments below.



Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Last day of a whirlwind visit to New York City to enjoy the Big Apple's sights and sounds including Sarah Joy Miller's opera performance as Anna Nicole.


Having lived my childhood on the East Coast in Washington DC, my family and I visited New York and many of the exciting Big City events.  However, we never ventured to see Lady Liberty up close and personal.  (And the lightbulb flashes----)

Without too much conversation, my friend, Loni Tesch and I made a 'B' line for the Staten Island Ferry to snap photos and gain a peaceful, heart connection to the Statue of Liberty, a national US treasured monument.  As it happened, earlier we had discussed the Lawmakers decision to 'shut down' or 'slim down' our government--perhaps this will enlighten our puzzled feelings about such an action from Congress.


The Statue of Liberty is a solid symbol of freedom and democracy, and she is also the international symbol of friendship with France from the 1800's  And we would finally become part of the millions of people who have viewed such a beautiful icon.

As we left New York Harbor, there was a lot of pushing and scrambling to locate the perfect  Lady Liberty photo opp position on the boat.  Chatter, chatter, chatter and all of a sudden, there was a hush that was almost deafening. No one spoke, not even the children.  All we could hear was the click, click click of the hundreds of cameras capturing the regal Goddess in the Harbor.  This was a reverent moment in time indelibly written on every cell of my brain.  Like me,was everyone capturing visions of tens of thousands of immigrants viewing the Statue of Liberty for the first time?  What a surge of energy rushing up my spine as I thought about names such as : Albert Einstein, Enrico Caruso, Carl Jung and Freud, Woodrow Wilson , Herbert Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Bob Hope, Rudyard Kipling, Gershwin, Toscanini, and George M Cohan.  Even though this was a thumbnail list of greatness that made a huge difference in our country as well as the world, where would we be in this melting pot called America if we had not opened our doors to the end of poverty and oppression for so many souls traveling to America?  For so many,The Statue of Liberty was a symbol of opportunity and hope for the people who changed the world for the good of all concerned as well as the prosperity of America.  They were the lights on the planet of Science, Music, Art, Spirituality, Medicine, and yes even those political figures who became presidents of the United States were those who saw Lady Liberty as an embracing opportunity to make a difference for a clear vision of life.


Perhaps in this political struggle in our country, the lawmakers should revisit the TRUE meaning of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  For several hundred years, the Lady in the New York Harbor has represented a hopeful dream of embracing life in a democracy FOR ALL of the PEOPLE.  

And so,with a sense of peace the journey in the harbor was over, but somehow, I was more positive than ever  that the journies of each of our lives can lead us to greater awakenings of the heart...

To Know Her is to Love Her

We continue to read about the SHIFT taking place on the planet, that life as we know it now is evolving at the speed of light. The truth of yesterday doesn't seem to apply to the awakening individually or globally.  Or does it?

The focus of this moment in time is learning how to explore the energy of the heart. So how do we create that path? It became apparent to me that we needed to explore the wisdom of the feminine energy to create a softening nurturing supportive focus of 'Mother'.

Recognize that we live in the wisdom of the feminine awareness. Humans can choose to listen to the pure and powerful guidance which will create choices for us, choices that will lead to hope in our hearts. The appropriate time is now to fully recognize love instead of fear.

Let's take a look into history. There are literally thousands of symbols for the feminine energy that play a dominant role in the philosophies of the world. When we listen quietly to the message of the heart's connection to the nurturing mother living in the heart, we can become a light brighter than the light of our own star, the Sun.

For a moment let's review the prominent energies appearing in cultures throughout the world that depict traditions of truth and a Divine Presence of guidance. In Christianity, Mother Mary represents the highest connection to God. Her image contains the energy of Holy Wisdom. She is the Ultimate Caregiver.

Shekinah represents the high energy in the Jewish belief system of existence, their closest tie to the heart.

Islamic belief connects the open hand of the gentle, patient Fatimah, the jewel of life which resides in the heart.

Sufis wrote poetic expression of the feminine wisdom. This poetry focuses on the creator of all life in women.

Parashakti, in the Hindu belief patterns takes many forms of feminine focus, namely nature, creativity. These transform lives for the good of all consciousness.

The Buddhists believe the sacred Tara, supreme goddess connects to the heart and enriches all levels of life.

Yuan Yin in Taoism is the Mother of Compassion and the divine mother in all of us.

In Greece the Mother of Holy Wisdom is Sophia and in Egypt, Isis is the Universal Mother of all things spiritual.

The African mother of all life is Yemaya and the Native American goddess is White Buffalo Calf Woman.

After reviewing the info about female energies of the ancient world, we can see how important it is to recognize the divine mother energy that is a part of us all. Go there and talk to that energy! All of us have a heart. There is no way not to make that choice and connect to your mother.

No matter how many ways we individualize the healing knowledge of 'mother' it is the theme and thread of the heart. It expands the energy of compassion and understanding. If we quietly listen, we can hear her gentle tug that will create and help us rebirth life in the 21st century. Let the vibrant beams of heart energy unifying all of us in a community of love and light.

We have the Physical Mother in our lives that birthed our very existence and then we have the Spirit Mother that resonates with our lives as the creative source. She flourishes in the place of the heart and gently nudges our energy to listen to the universe energy of love. We are never separate from her. When we sit in silence she touches our very core of existence. We nurture the self by listening to the heart of the mother energy. There is no separation. She is You. As you love her you love your own spirit dwelling in your heart. Let the Divine Mother shine within you. All things are possible in the love of creation.

This is your conscious awakening. The creative force of Mother Spirit is alive and well.

NOW........take a moment. Close your eyes, fill your lungs and breathe deep into your light. Exhale 'I am the energy of the heart'. Again....

Inhale 'I am'

Exhale 'The Mother'.

The Purrrfect Cat

Our canine friends have captured the minds and hearts of so many people throughout the world. They have a high degree of intelligence, as well as a reputation for faithfulness and loyalty to their families. Sometimes the feline population gets a bad rep because many think of them as aloof and unfriendly. And maybe for some that is the truth...

Buddy is the antithesis of many perceptions that are shared in the pet world about cats. He is a 'present time' kitty - content in the moment. With is bold vocality, he will tell you exactly what he wants, but when he does not receive it immediately his patience holds out. He is the official greeter when we have guests over and loves people as he talks in his own meowness. He's a polite, little playful guy that understand many conversational comments and observes shoes changes, knowing we are leaving the house. When one of us is ill, he sits beside us and seems to say "You'll be okay, I'm here". He responds to words like treats, tunafish, vitamins, play time and green water (2 drops of chlorophyll in his water keeps him healthy and I wish, wealthy and wise). 

There are the most amazing markings on his furry coat - if you look really closely, you can recognize an angel which appears on the right side of his rib cage. Buddy is a smart, gentle cat. He appeared on our doorstep as a healer to us and we nurture and love him in return.

I guess on some level of consciousness we summoned the Purrrfect cat.

Watch what we mean about the depth of Buddy's connection to spirit through our camera lens: 

What's Love Got to Do With It?

One of the most rejuvenating choices for the afternoon BLAHS is a well-brewed cup of tea. Or it could also be a flavorful blend in a tea bag. At any rate, a few quiet moments alone or with a friend may be exactly what the doctor ordered to relieve stress and tension for the day.

Such was a special afternoon a few weeks ago when my friend and I shared thoughts of the meaning of love.

"I just couldn't make my life work," she explained. "I felt lonely and depressed all of the time.  There were well-meaning friends who would do their level best to console me. But it would always end up with a lecture about you should do this or you should do that. All I wanted to scream was STOP SHOULDING ON ME! Eventually, I mustered up the courage to say just that and I found it opened a new doorway of self-confidence."

Somehow the knowingness that the answers were all neatly tucked inside my heart kept me going--kept my hopes and dreams alive for a happier, healthier stress free, ME.

And then, in an unsuspecting moment, someone walked into my life with a heart of gold and a gentleness that drew my attention away from the maddening world and my lack of self-worth.  He listened without judgment and supported me as a person unlike anyone else except my family. The days and the nights were filled with communication about a myriad of topics. My fragile questioning nature crept in from time to time to question how this person could support me unconditionally.

But one day the answer was clear as the nose on my face, like a hammer hitting me in the head.  We were in a space of loving hearts where acceptance and support of one another were second nature. We just knew our honesty about feelings and events in our lives were the ones that gave a special light to each of us. Gratefulness, self-worth and recognition of my own gifts and talents helped me realize this was my open and evolving connection to an energy larger than life itself.

She smiled and wiped a few tears from her cheeks as she whispered, "For the first time in my life, I know what love has to do with it.”

Did you have that defining moment when you knew there is ONLY LOVE?

A Bird's Eye View

Several months ago there were five nest-building projects around my house and atop the eaves of my roof. I watched one such nest creations in the tree outside one of my windows.

Every day it seemed imperative that I checked the dove project. It was fascinating to view the construction of every twig and loose objects that gave loose construction for the baby. In this case, there was only one egg in the nest. The mother kept vigilance to nurture her offspring. Interestingly, doves produce their own milk to feed their young; mama and perhaps daddy were always nearby.

As I took note of the days and nights, the baby bird appeared with such gentleness and delicate energy. I felt as though we needed to celebrate as this little dove’s head peaked over the rim of the nest.

We had quite a bond as I would talk to this little life at least three times per day. And the dove was never spooked or afraid of my presence that was only three feet from its home.

Its name is Little Guy. It could have been a female. It was fragile and always alone when we would have our chirp-chirp communication. We had an eye-to-eye connection that made me smile.

Little Guy grew and we continued our conversations – somehow it seemed as though our loving bond was special. I had never witnessed such a phenomenal life cycle.

And then, he ventured onto my window sill and sat there for an hour with eye-to-eye contact. No fear, complete trust. He became my feathered friends during these past weeks.

As we enjoyed these quiet moments, the thoughts crossed my mind that perhaps he was telling me goodbye. And with that, he hopped onto a limb and climbed into his nest. Our ritual was cherished.

The following morning, I joyfully checked the dove’s nest in the tree and Little Guy had taken flight. It was always the highlight of my day. Every hour I checked the window and he was nowhere to be found. My day had mixed emotions. He found his strength to take flight and I found my strength to say goodbye.