A Friend for all Seasons

We go through life with an agenda of what we believe to be the truth. But as we all know, there are speed bumps along the way that alter the course of our chosen paths.

We worry, we pout, we stew, we create stories that are fear-based and all of a sudden there is a melt-down with emotional and physical detours within our personal health issues. Blood pressure readings are over the top and our regular hearth ratios soar to the point of believing we have a serious illness.

“How am I going to survive?” and “Why is this happening to me?” are the two questions that keep the energy stuck in worry.

But without skipping a heartbeat, an energy enters our lives that alters the mindset and our personal healing process shifts into a new light. We know we have found a friend.

A friend makes a difference in our attitude about the mind, the heart and the energy we call spirit. They have a mutual affection for us that creates a warm fuzzy in the heart and a smile on our lives.

A friend is a reliable chum with reliable listening skills. We can talk and chat about anything and they are attentive and communicate their loving affection. They become our buddy.

A year ago on a fortuitous evening in June, such was my fate and the fate of my family that a friendly, determined, four-legged, soft, male kitty entered our lives. He showed up on our doorsteps and made his presence irreplaceable with his gentle spirit.

On a daily schedule when we came home, he greeted us with his cat hello and unspoken “Hi, how are you?” meow.

We three became coloratura sopranos as we talked to him in a high-pitched sound, thinking if we matched his vocal pitch, we were sure he understood.

Over the course of the year, we looked forward to his greeting and his playfulness in his friend-like healing energy.

His name and his nature is our Buddy.

How has a friend changed your life?