A Moment in Time

Seated in a small Paris church, people were praying for the deliverance of the miseries and destruction in France. As I took my place in the church, I noticed a young woman seated close to the altar. She seemed to be communicating with someone but there was no one near her except the Divine Mother standing on the alter. Feeling intrigued, I inconspicuously moved closer to witness the conversation.

The statue of Mary shone like a million suns in the sky. Streams of light were streaming from Mary's outstretched hands and she appeared to be standing on a huge globe. Without too much strain, I was able to hear the delicate conversation. Then in a clear voice, Mary instructed--"Have a medal struck for people to have hope in these perilous times." With gentle determination, Mary declared; "All who wear the medal around their necks will receive many graces and healing. When you reverse the medal, you will notice a large 'M' and a cross. Beneath the 'M' there will be 2 hearts---one representing Jesus with a crown of thorns and the other representing my heart that will be pierced with a sword. Encircling this image will be 12 stars. This medal will forever more be known as the MIRACULOUS MEDAL.

Suddenly, the images began to fade and the air began to gently move. The beautiful Lady and the young woman became transparent in a mist of pale blue light. I felt the salty tears gently running down my cheeks as I realized I had witnessed a miraculous moment from God. I began calling out in despair for the images to return---there were so many questions, unanswered questions. My energy began to spin in my head and in my body like I had been caught up in a cyclone of confusion. I realized the images had been replaced by a canvas of vibrant colors but I kept calling out the command, "Come Back! Come Back!" The more I frantically screamed, the further I drifted from that moment in the little chapel in Paris.

And then............with a jolt.........my eyes opened and I felt paralyzed as I tried to make sense out of this message of hope and healing in a Miraculous Moment in Time.

Information about Sister Catherine's Apparition of Mary in Paris

There have been many books published about St Catherine's Miraculous Medal apparition. This is a thumbnail sketch that can be found in many writings.

On November 27, 1830, the Divine Mother Mary appeared to Sister Catherine Laboure in a small church in Paris, France.

Mary asked Catherine to create a medal for the believers of the world. As the story goes, the medal was completed in 1832 and was distributed throughout France. It eventually traveled throughout the world. Many testimonies are recorded surrounding the blessings people received while wearing the medal.

In this moment in time, for me as a messenger and teacher on the planet, the medallion is a symbol of Divine Creation and is the Mother-Heart-Spirit of the World. (The energy of the heart is seen and felt in the nurturing feminine nature of mankind.)

Do you have impressions of the story of the Miracle Medallion? If so, please share them in your comments.