Amazing Grace

May 16 2013--a bright and cheery Thursday morning in Colorado only made better by an offer for a short 3 day travel opportunity in Tuscon, Arizona to enjoy an Il Divo concert the next evening, May 17

It didn't take me long to positively respond to such a generous offer of travel. The feverish packing began. (For anyone who knows my travel habits, getting my suitcase ready for a trip is a monumental task.  It seems, efficiency is always my goal but the end result is "over packing") However, I made myself a promise this time and a mantra of PACK LIGHT! PACK LIGHT! PACK LIGHT played over and over in my brain.  I mean, get real. how many changes of clothes could I wear in 3 days?

Anticipation and high energy were my fuel for the hustle and bustle of the day. Not only would I be able to enjoy the concert, but the timing was perfect to surprise a long time friend for her birthday.

There was an extraordinary amount of time in the airport check-in process of almost 2 hours and my heart raced in an uneasiness about missing my 3:10 PM flight. As I raced toward the boarding gate at least half mile later, the doors were closed and Yes! You guessed it; I had missed my flight.

Completely stunned, I began the internal chatter to find an answer to -What do I do now?  Apologetically, the flight attendant suggested a stand-by status for the next flight at 6:PM to Arizona. The plane was completely over-booked and she was not hopeful that I would be successful in securing a seat.  Reminding myself the concert was scheduled for 8PM, I knew the connections  had to work perfectly for me to enjoy any part of the music.  Knowing the odds, the words out of my mouth was: "Let's go for it".  A new ticket was issued for stand-by status.

Nervously, I gulped my salad and water, and knew it was imperative for me to sit in silence and keep the faith that my name would be announced for a seat on the plane.  I watched everyone board by sections and as it happened, 4 people needed to book a later flight and my heart was suddenly so much lighter.

I breathed more deeply and closed my eyes as each name was called before mine.  But, then it happened, "Miller, please board the plane." Gratefulness, excitement and a grin from ear to ear were now signs of a relaxed state of mind.

We touched down in Tuscon 10 minutes early.  Hurriedly, I raced to the airport entrance doors where I met a friend who was ready to put the pedal to the metal in a 20 minute race across town to enjoy the concert.

We were only 5 minutes late including the time for changing clothes and picking up our tickets. We were escorted to our seats, center section near the stage and a huge sigh of relief and a grateful murmur of WE MADE IT! as I broke into giggles quickly reviewing the events of the day.

Truly the happy birthday surprise was effective as our seats were near one another and my long time friend did a double take and tears ran down her cheeks in shock as she kept repeating, "I can't believe you did this, I can't believe you did this".....

The concert performed to perfection gave life to the expressions--'memories are made of this' and Always live life to the fullest... In a spontaneous moment, I agreed to catch the brass ring and take a leap of faith for an event so hectic yet, so sweet in its outcome.

In the silence of my mind, in that Denver airport, I deeply believed that all would be right with the intention of my heart.  Destiny was created when those passengers changed their plans to take later flights.   The last seat on the plane had my energetic name on it.  Miraculous to some but amazing grace to me.

What do you recall about a special spontaneous event in your life when you were touched by  grace and all was right with the world?