Be the Miracle

Many changes are happening on the planet, even as we speak. A swirling energy is penetrating the minds and hearts of so many of us. We are in an expanded, rapid movement of energy, causing us to question our choices about life. "Now that life has shifted my focus of my path that I thought was solid and secure, what do I do now?" You ask. "This is NOT what I signed up for...."

In July 1991, Life Magazine became one of the first mainstream media magazines to the question, DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? Since that time, miraculous unexplainable events have been occurring worldwide. (It is my thought that so called miracles happened for eons. And no one acknowledged them as such.) Consider the building of the Pyramids or the birth of the first child.

Prayer is a natural source in healing. But not all prayers are answered in the same way. Meditation is a practice of silent connection to your inner and outer energies, which create a deep connection with the energy of the heart. Research has been presented that indicates personal and worldwide healings take place every minute of every day. When we connect with that still, small voice within, the impossible becomes the possible. Speaking from experience, when the complex, fragile, unpredictable and unstable thoughts and actions zap our energies, we can choose to react with sometimes devastating consequences. Or we can choose and seek a time for solitude and far away from the maddening crowds.

Finding those precious moments of closing our eyes and breathing deeply--not while driving, of course--can relax the mind chatter that is constant in our busy lives and ultimately will create a personal renewal. 'LET GO' could be a mantra that will help us focus on the quiet heart. These moments will nurture our creative spirit. BE SILENT AND KNOW.

No one else can take your time to nurture YOU. Your life and your choices lie within the message of love that you carry every moment of the day and night. It is important to observe the light in our own living experiences and recharge our batteries.

In essence, YOU are the miraculous masterpiece. It isn't outside of you; it lies within. You are perfect right here and right now in a perfect state of consciousness. It is time to take the gentle steps to realize your power.

Know this from the inside out and the miracles in the physical world will become a reality. Our faith will keep us evolving as the passion of life will be revealed in an unsuspecting timetable.

It is NOW--blending with the inner self, knowing the message of the heart and living the authentic truth of a life made whole.

Say the following statements to yourself daily.