Defining Moments

When thoughts began to rumble around in my head about a blog creation, questions and more questions popped up for me. Where and how do we begin this new journey?

Connecting with the passion in life, we connect with the message from the energy of the heart. When we TRULY understand the choices we have made along with our gifts and talents, our hearts are communicating on a deeply personal level.

The dreams become realities. The key is to calmly listen to the answers we are given, especially when we ask Who am I? and Why am I here?

As an only child living with grandparents, there were so many lonely hours in the days and nights. I discovered a fondness for sports – all of them. I realized it was easy to hit a baseball, tennis ball, catch a football, and kick a soccer ball. And at the time, baseball was my focus. As the only girl on the team that practiced on a field across the street from my house, excitement ran high during those lazy sweltering days of summer on the east coast when the humidity and the temperatures were the same. It didn't matter if it were early or late in the day, I hit the ground running with a pounding heart. Sports nurtured my spirit then and now.

But, my defining moment that set the tone for my energy awareness, and how I was meant to understand it in my life, was the moment I slid into second base and realized an injury had occurred. Gravel in the leg along with a gigantic purple, black and blue lump rising on my leg, created a gasp of fear. It seemed natural and automatic to place my hand onto the bruised area of my leg. I stood on the sidelines and intuitively closed my eyes to let my emotions calm. The agony of the pain seemed to subside. I removed my hand and noticed my fingers had left an imprint on my bruise.

Hurriedly, I left the field with anticipation of showing mom who might be able to shed insights on the mystery of my fingerprints on my leg. Mom listened to the story and without hesitation, put her hands squarely on my shoulders and gave me the fear-of-God lecture, warning me to NEVER, NEVER, EVER tell anyone about this incident.

"All of our friends and family will think you are a witch," my mom said.

Mother's disapproving declaration put the fear of God in me. But my search began in earnest to read and discover all the research and findings about human energy discoveries.

This DEFINING MOMENT created an expanded notion of who I am and why I am here.