Do You Smell What I Smell?

Come on a journey with me to 1997 as my friend and Insights Energy partner, Loni, journeyed on a rode trip from Colorado to Big Sky, Montana.  We were headed to a 5 day workshop featuring Caroline Myss and Dr Norman Shealy, two of our favorite instructors in Holistic Health.


We spent numerous hours conversing about the upcoming birth of Loni's baby and the evolving business plans for our healing sessions with clients as well as classes and workshops to promote an individual and collective conscious awareness of energy for healing.


The workshop was stimulating informative and inspirational.  On one particular afternoons, everyone had free time to explore the area.  Our choice was Yellowstone National Park. With a makeshift picnic in the back of the car, we headed on another rode trip adventure.

Mother Nature was particularly accommodating this day because we witnessed Old Faithful and her timely eruption that was awesome.  We ambled around the dynamic heated blue green waters beneath the Earth's surface and the amazing Buffalo Herd escorting alongside  our car for miles through the slow driving roadways.  Magnificent was the only word for the day's experience.


We wearily reached our hotel near 10:00 P.M. As we recognized the need for rest, we fell into a deep sleep.


I was abruptly awakened to the question, "Do you smell that?"  Sitting up in bed, the powerful fragrance of roses filled the room and we suspected someone had dumped perfume somewhere in the hotel.  Neither of us had an answer to the question we asked of each other, "Where is it coming from?"


We searched every dresser drawer, under the beds, every inch of our suitcases as we over-turned them on the floor creating what looked like a bomb explosion.  But we found no source as the powerful fragrance lingered .

I remember saying--"Let me check the bathroom!"  As I stood motionless sniffing the air, I exclaimed--"It's NOT in here!"

Suddenly a whoosh of the rose scent bombarded the room.  "Wait! It's here now." stammering loudly.


We sat on our beds talking until the wee hours of the morning crossing every t and dotting every I of the experience but we had Nothing that was rational about the happening.


Sleepily we wandered down to breakfast to inquire from others if they had encountered the smell of roses.  No one had an explanation surrounding our  amazing incident .  


Dr Shealy wandered into the dining hall and  graciously listened  to my story.  He stared  at me for what seemed like an eternity but with a smile on his lips he proclaimed something I had never expected, " Your work together, he said, has been blessed with the grace of the Divine Mother."  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.So many emotions filled my entire being and my heart raced with excitement.  The whys and wherefores didn't seem important, now.  No further explanation was needed. It was time to just let the energy soak into every cell of our bodies. 


 The conversation homeward bound was joyfully reflective as we felt we had been recipients of a miraculous blessing. There was a new meaning to the word-'AWESOME.'   To this day, we carry those graceful, fragrant rose filled moments in a sacred space of the heart.     And...... we smile.