Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Last day of a whirlwind visit to New York City to enjoy the Big Apple's sights and sounds including Sarah Joy Miller's opera performance as Anna Nicole.


Having lived my childhood on the East Coast in Washington DC, my family and I visited New York and many of the exciting Big City events.  However, we never ventured to see Lady Liberty up close and personal.  (And the lightbulb flashes----)

Without too much conversation, my friend, Loni Tesch and I made a 'B' line for the Staten Island Ferry to snap photos and gain a peaceful, heart connection to the Statue of Liberty, a national US treasured monument.  As it happened, earlier we had discussed the Lawmakers decision to 'shut down' or 'slim down' our government--perhaps this will enlighten our puzzled feelings about such an action from Congress.


The Statue of Liberty is a solid symbol of freedom and democracy, and she is also the international symbol of friendship with France from the 1800's  And we would finally become part of the millions of people who have viewed such a beautiful icon.

As we left New York Harbor, there was a lot of pushing and scrambling to locate the perfect  Lady Liberty photo opp position on the boat.  Chatter, chatter, chatter and all of a sudden, there was a hush that was almost deafening. No one spoke, not even the children.  All we could hear was the click, click click of the hundreds of cameras capturing the regal Goddess in the Harbor.  This was a reverent moment in time indelibly written on every cell of my brain.  Like me,was everyone capturing visions of tens of thousands of immigrants viewing the Statue of Liberty for the first time?  What a surge of energy rushing up my spine as I thought about names such as : Albert Einstein, Enrico Caruso, Carl Jung and Freud, Woodrow Wilson , Herbert Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Bob Hope, Rudyard Kipling, Gershwin, Toscanini, and George M Cohan.  Even though this was a thumbnail list of greatness that made a huge difference in our country as well as the world, where would we be in this melting pot called America if we had not opened our doors to the end of poverty and oppression for so many souls traveling to America?  For so many,The Statue of Liberty was a symbol of opportunity and hope for the people who changed the world for the good of all concerned as well as the prosperity of America.  They were the lights on the planet of Science, Music, Art, Spirituality, Medicine, and yes even those political figures who became presidents of the United States were those who saw Lady Liberty as an embracing opportunity to make a difference for a clear vision of life.


Perhaps in this political struggle in our country, the lawmakers should revisit the TRUE meaning of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  For several hundred years, the Lady in the New York Harbor has represented a hopeful dream of embracing life in a democracy FOR ALL of the PEOPLE.  

And so,with a sense of peace the journey in the harbor was over, but somehow, I was more positive than ever  that the journies of each of our lives can lead us to greater awakenings of the heart...