Loving Kindness

At this special season of the year, we are given the opportunity to reflect on the symbols of Christmas and the connections that illumine the soul.  It is a time of giving birth to ideas and to live in the inspirational lyrics of the music, the colorful pageantry of the Christmas classics, the parties and the busy shoppers selecting just the right gift for family and friends. It is the wide-eyed expressions of every child as they dream of sugar plums, candy canes and lights on the tree.

Growing up, church was the focus of my family at Christmas.  Somewhere in the services, the song Ave Maria would be sung and it mesmerized every fiber of my heart and soul. The music created a light-filled presence as though I were giving birth to ideas that I never really understood.  My visions were a powerful kaleidoscope of pictures, geometric shapes and color. Ave Maria!  I could not help but question the meaningfulness of the emotions and the creative initiative in my mind and my heart.

[Listen to Ave Maria here.]

On February the 14th of 2013, I was gifted with the Miraculous Medal of Mother Mary.  I knew there was a message for me but it eluded me at that time because it was the day I AM THE MIRACLE CD was delivered to my door.  If you believe in No Coincidences you can fill in the blank to the rest of the story.......


My name is often called in the darkened hours of the night by a female voice and so I realize at this Christmas celebration, it is time for me to WAKE UP and smell the fragrance of the rose.

I now know the music of Ave Maria connected me to the source, the heart and the light of God.

Mary's essence is connected to mankind as the ultimate compassionate caregiver and the supreme nurturer. She represents the feminine, creative source of light that abides in all of us. The energy and symbol of Mother Mary awakens the loving kindness in our hearts.

As the pure loving kindness Mother Mary lives in the heart, we can interpret the energy of giving birth from the spark of love and creativity. She is ageless, timeless and touches the Sacred Miracle we know as Christmas.

It is with great humility and love that I send this message:

"Each day of your life, feel the grace and blessing of the Divine Feminine essence of Mother Mary. She awaits our grand awakening to the warmth and creativity of the heart."

My question now for you is ... what holiday song stirs an emotion in you? Let me know in the comments below.