The Purrrfect Cat

Our canine friends have captured the minds and hearts of so many people throughout the world. They have a high degree of intelligence, as well as a reputation for faithfulness and loyalty to their families. Sometimes the feline population gets a bad rep because many think of them as aloof and unfriendly. And maybe for some that is the truth...

Buddy is the antithesis of many perceptions that are shared in the pet world about cats. He is a 'present time' kitty - content in the moment. With is bold vocality, he will tell you exactly what he wants, but when he does not receive it immediately his patience holds out. He is the official greeter when we have guests over and loves people as he talks in his own meowness. He's a polite, little playful guy that understand many conversational comments and observes shoes changes, knowing we are leaving the house. When one of us is ill, he sits beside us and seems to say "You'll be okay, I'm here". He responds to words like treats, tunafish, vitamins, play time and green water (2 drops of chlorophyll in his water keeps him healthy and I wish, wealthy and wise). 

There are the most amazing markings on his furry coat - if you look really closely, you can recognize an angel which appears on the right side of his rib cage. Buddy is a smart, gentle cat. He appeared on our doorstep as a healer to us and we nurture and love him in return.

I guess on some level of consciousness we summoned the Purrrfect cat.

Watch what we mean about the depth of Buddy's connection to spirit through our camera lens: