The Story You Are About to Read is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

The event in the story you are about to read is ABSOLUTELY TRUE... Nothing has been changed to protect the innocent.....   METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING........

After writing the Self Help book, Yes! It Really IS All About Me, I decided it was important to set up my own  daily regimen of Meditation, Deep Breathing Exercises, Visualization, and a 30-minute walk to enjoy the natural beauty of the land.  In addition, it was vital that appointments for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and reflexology sessions be added to the monthly routine to increase the heart light energy.

Last week, my hour-long reflexology appointment was scheduled. For one hour, my conscious mind drifts to a world where the only sounds I hear are the ones of my heart.  The deep relaxation always takes me to another world.

As I slipped into La La Land, every tense and stressful thought melted into bliss.  What a treat for my mind, body and spirit!  I had been procrastinating about making business decisions involving classes and the writing of a new book, and it was peaceful to just let go.

Time passed, I suppose, and then without warning, I began to uncontrollably laugh out loud.  Tears began to stream down my cheeks.  The stunned therapist abruptly stopped massaging the feet reflex points and loudly asked, "DARLEEN ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?  WHAT'S WRONG?  Are you crying or laughing?"



Gathering my wits I said, " You're NOT gonna believe what I have to tell you!"



This was a very clear vision unlike any other vision I have ever experienced.  I saw a large cow sitting on the seat of a large toilet reading a newspaper.  There were herds of other cows wandering across the grassy plains toward the paper-reading cow.  I even saw the message in words that were appearing in the vision. This was one giant message of releasing and stopping my procrastination that had been  lingering around my future plans.'


The words appearing above the speaking cows were------

"Mooove It!"  "Moove It!" Mooove It"!   And that applied to the seated cow reading the newspaper-----MOOOOOVE IT!!!!

Now!  Isn't that UTTERLY RIDICULOUS.....?