To Know Her is to Love Her

We continue to read about the SHIFT taking place on the planet, that life as we know it now is evolving at the speed of light. The truth of yesterday doesn't seem to apply to the awakening individually or globally.  Or does it?

The focus of this moment in time is learning how to explore the energy of the heart. So how do we create that path? It became apparent to me that we needed to explore the wisdom of the feminine energy to create a softening nurturing supportive focus of 'Mother'.

Recognize that we live in the wisdom of the feminine awareness. Humans can choose to listen to the pure and powerful guidance which will create choices for us, choices that will lead to hope in our hearts. The appropriate time is now to fully recognize love instead of fear.

Let's take a look into history. There are literally thousands of symbols for the feminine energy that play a dominant role in the philosophies of the world. When we listen quietly to the message of the heart's connection to the nurturing mother living in the heart, we can become a light brighter than the light of our own star, the Sun.

For a moment let's review the prominent energies appearing in cultures throughout the world that depict traditions of truth and a Divine Presence of guidance. In Christianity, Mother Mary represents the highest connection to God. Her image contains the energy of Holy Wisdom. She is the Ultimate Caregiver.

Shekinah represents the high energy in the Jewish belief system of existence, their closest tie to the heart.

Islamic belief connects the open hand of the gentle, patient Fatimah, the jewel of life which resides in the heart.

Sufis wrote poetic expression of the feminine wisdom. This poetry focuses on the creator of all life in women.

Parashakti, in the Hindu belief patterns takes many forms of feminine focus, namely nature, creativity. These transform lives for the good of all consciousness.

The Buddhists believe the sacred Tara, supreme goddess connects to the heart and enriches all levels of life.

Yuan Yin in Taoism is the Mother of Compassion and the divine mother in all of us.

In Greece the Mother of Holy Wisdom is Sophia and in Egypt, Isis is the Universal Mother of all things spiritual.

The African mother of all life is Yemaya and the Native American goddess is White Buffalo Calf Woman.

After reviewing the info about female energies of the ancient world, we can see how important it is to recognize the divine mother energy that is a part of us all. Go there and talk to that energy! All of us have a heart. There is no way not to make that choice and connect to your mother.

No matter how many ways we individualize the healing knowledge of 'mother' it is the theme and thread of the heart. It expands the energy of compassion and understanding. If we quietly listen, we can hear her gentle tug that will create and help us rebirth life in the 21st century. Let the vibrant beams of heart energy unifying all of us in a community of love and light.

We have the Physical Mother in our lives that birthed our very existence and then we have the Spirit Mother that resonates with our lives as the creative source. She flourishes in the place of the heart and gently nudges our energy to listen to the universe energy of love. We are never separate from her. When we sit in silence she touches our very core of existence. We nurture the self by listening to the heart of the mother energy. There is no separation. She is You. As you love her you love your own spirit dwelling in your heart. Let the Divine Mother shine within you. All things are possible in the love of creation.

This is your conscious awakening. The creative force of Mother Spirit is alive and well.

NOW........take a moment. Close your eyes, fill your lungs and breathe deep into your light. Exhale 'I am the energy of the heart'. Again....

Inhale 'I am'

Exhale 'The Mother'.