What's Love Got to Do With It?

One of the most rejuvenating choices for the afternoon BLAHS is a well-brewed cup of tea. Or it could also be a flavorful blend in a tea bag. At any rate, a few quiet moments alone or with a friend may be exactly what the doctor ordered to relieve stress and tension for the day.

Such was a special afternoon a few weeks ago when my friend and I shared thoughts of the meaning of love.

"I just couldn't make my life work," she explained. "I felt lonely and depressed all of the time.  There were well-meaning friends who would do their level best to console me. But it would always end up with a lecture about you should do this or you should do that. All I wanted to scream was STOP SHOULDING ON ME! Eventually, I mustered up the courage to say just that and I found it opened a new doorway of self-confidence."

Somehow the knowingness that the answers were all neatly tucked inside my heart kept me going--kept my hopes and dreams alive for a happier, healthier stress free, ME.

And then, in an unsuspecting moment, someone walked into my life with a heart of gold and a gentleness that drew my attention away from the maddening world and my lack of self-worth.  He listened without judgment and supported me as a person unlike anyone else except my family. The days and the nights were filled with communication about a myriad of topics. My fragile questioning nature crept in from time to time to question how this person could support me unconditionally.

But one day the answer was clear as the nose on my face, like a hammer hitting me in the head.  We were in a space of loving hearts where acceptance and support of one another were second nature. We just knew our honesty about feelings and events in our lives were the ones that gave a special light to each of us. Gratefulness, self-worth and recognition of my own gifts and talents helped me realize this was my open and evolving connection to an energy larger than life itself.

She smiled and wiped a few tears from her cheeks as she whispered, "For the first time in my life, I know what love has to do with it.”

Did you have that defining moment when you knew there is ONLY LOVE?