STOP The World!



Anyone concerned about the doom and gloom projected by the news media?  We read about cultural annihilation,  wide spread disease and famine, terrorist tactics and climate extremes.  We feel helpless and afraid when we think about the safety of the peoples in the perceived chaotic world.  Even the younger generation is asking if there will be enough time to fulfill their service to the world.  We are at the mercy of our fears as we drown in the pollution of our minds.


With the evolution of energy awareness throughout the centuries, we can now make serious choices to shift our individual empowerment .

. Conscious awareness could raise the collective consciousness of the world.  It is time to link our energy arms for the purpose of unity and raising the global energy of the planet.


And so today, I am taking action to launch the ONE HEARTBEAT WORLD WIDE COMMUNITY.  The purpose, you ask?  It is to bring the people of the world together creating hope and inspiration right here, right now for the this moment in time and for future generations to know the power of the healing light force.


As you join this dynamic community, you will combine  our light energy through discussions, useful tools to connect inward and outward energy , and the instruction to enhance  your understanding of the ONE HEARTBEAT message.  We will be able to make a difference one heartbeat at a time; one thought at a time and one soul at a time.


Let’s put the focus where it needs to be---TO CREATE a united civilization for the good of all concerned.  These will be stepping stones toward balance, peace and harmony.


We are all reflections of one another.  Everything in our future depends on the choices we make today.  You have everything to gain by joining the community and knowing all things are possible.  No need to Stop the World……

Go to www. One Heartbeat World Wide Community .com to gain more insights.

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