Our future is always uncertain.  As a teacher, our students come and go and as the years move along we lose personal contact. However, sometimes in the course of human events, we are given a rare opportunity to connect with faces from the past. About 20 years ago, I was given a rare invitation to teach T'ai Chi at a courthouse near my home.  It was arranged to offer those court stenographers and legal assistants a way to release stress from their demanding jobs. It was a fun experience for all concerned.

After completing the course, I remember one student who had a miraculous shift in her awareness and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was destined to explore other avenues of employment on her journey in life. She had re-discovered her intuitive gift but had no clue how to nurture that energy for her future choices.   We had many hours of discussion and a selection of additional classes that opened  her eyes to new energies.  She was able to believe in the messages of her heart's desire.

Through no fault of our own, we lost touch with one another.  After many years, a Christmas card arrived a few months ago celebrating the season and the year of awakenings for her.  She announced she had purchased the oldest metaphysical bookstore in the U.S., and it was located 30 minutes from my home.

As I continued to read, my excitement soared as she extended an invitation to me for a book signing and an opportunity to be an ongoing teacher of  subjects such as Meditation, Energy Awareness, Breathing techniques, Nutrition, T'ai Chi, Ayurveda, and an extensive course in health and self healing.  As a side-bar, there will be opportunities for workshops and retreats for in-depth  practices with personal connections with students searching for a new path of good health and self-empowerment.

WOW!!!  As I sat quietly in a chair soaking in the enormity of possibilities ahead, a tearful joy washed over my heart, my mind and my soul.  That first class, that T'ai Chi class was the doorway for one person to achieve her long awaited dream. Humbly, there was a realization and a blessing that we all  play a role in someone achieving  a shift in consciousness and choices. a clear light was shed, as time passes, the student becomes the teacher. 

Make no mistake, the heartbeat of life really is alive and well.  Ultimately, we all impact one another in the evolution of  our lives; sometimes it's just nice to recognize it.

so I ask all to sit quietly and ask yourself, who in my life has been an influence  in the choices I am  making today?  Sometimes the answers may surprise you.  

Be the joy you wish to find in the world......

with love,

Darleen Miller