Now Is Your Hour


So often in life, and I include myself, we 'put off till tomorrow what we can do today.'

Schedules are jammed packed with the 'HAVE TO' events and activities that often keep us running in the ever widening circles during our waking hours.  We toss and turn at night and we forget how to nurture and let go of the non stop chatter.  In some philosophies, we know it as " The Monkey Mind"

We reject the moments of quiet peaceful choices that we ABSOLUTELY know  would create better health for our minds and our bodies.  Somehow, we feel pressed to keep going on the treadmill of life.  And the phrase, " I don't have time' becomes the mantra of our lives.   We ignore the subtle clues of our heart's desire.  "Tomorrow,"we say. Tomorrow I'll eat healthier; "tomorrow , I'll exercise". "Tomorrow I'll make time to relax and learn how to meditate. Right now, I'm just too busy!"

Time and time again, we hear how life is accelerating.  The days fade into weeks; the weeks into months which then stack up to the passing years.  But the list of 'someday' promises continues to widen and lengthen 

When we worry and hurry through the day, we miss the unopened gift of life.

But, Now is Your Hour to create a new you in this new year. 

As you answer the following questions, know and appreciate that each one of us is 'special' with our own unique gifts and talents. 

When is the last time you smiled as you felt the rays of the sun warm your face?

Where were you when you listened to the music that put a smile on your lips?

Have you recently been aware of your feet touching the sacred ground of Mother Earth?

Can you recall the gentle fragrance of your favorite flower?

When was the last time you breathed in love as you viewed the radiance of a sunset?

Take time for you every day.  NOW IS YOUR HOUR.  How will you use it?

In the still small quiet moments of life, you can absolutely KNOW that YOU are the Radiance you wish to Find in the World.  So, Sing the song your heart was meant to sing......Now Is Your Hour.