Yes It Really Is All About Me - The Journey of a Lifetime Book


Yes It Really Is All About Me - The Journey of a Lifetime Book


Are you a Caregiver? Have you sacrificed your life to help others? Is the control of your life in another's hands? 

This inter-active workbook is set up in a diary format to guide you step-by-step through self-realization and self-nurturing, using the holistic approaches – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual – to connect caregivers to the self.

Caregivers Neglect Their Needs

  • Darleen began her personal journey as a lifelong teacher and caregiver to her parents, grandparents and her three children.
  • During her marriage of 47 years, Darleen supported her husband’s military career and became his primary caregiver as he battled cancer for the last 12 years of his life.
  • This experiential workbook is a reflection of Darleen’s holistic self-exploration and caregiving experiences. Her passion for teaching, writing and healing unite as a tool to help fellow caregivers embrace a new awareness of life.

There is a dream within your heart that was meant to come true. Make it happen and experience the journey of a lifetime!

“I picked up this book when caring for my mother. She was 93 and had multiple health issues. It was not easy but reading this book helped me make it through her eventual passing. If you are caring for someone, read this book.”

~Harry L. (Leonardo, NJ)

“Wow . . . . I wasn’t expecting this to be so thought provoking. Even if you are not a current Caregiver, (yes - capital “C” because the role deserves that respect) it could be a jewel for your family in years to come.”


“We all know the feeling being a little lost in life. Like drowning in things you have to do for everybody else - because they are all a LOT more important than you are!! They all need and deserve a LOT more care than you do !!

This book will help to reach out BEFORE you actually HIT the bottom. Do yourself a favor and let this book help you to love and take care of YOU. You will have to do some thinking, but it is worth it - my compliments to the writer Darleen Miller.”

Anne Marie M.  (Denmark)

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